2023 New House – Community Room Drywall 5-3

May 3

Drywall installed inside the Pantry

2023 New House – Insulation 4-25

April 22

Insulation installed on exterior walls


March 6, 2023

Future back driveway of new house

2023 Back view of client exit, volunteer entrance and loading dock

January 19, 2023

Back view of client exit, volunteer entrance and loading dock

2022 New Home – Siding 12-5

December 2022

The siding is installed

2022 New Home – Windows 10-30

Oct. 30, 2022

The windows have been installed

2022 New Home – Roof shingles 9-14

Sept. 16

The Roof is Shingled

2022 New Home – Inside Pantry 9-14

Sept. 15

Inside the New Pantry in Progress

2022 New Home – Under Roof 8-11

August 11

Both the new warehouse and the house are all under roof.

June 8 Framing

June 8

The framing of the first floor of the warehouse takes shape.

2022 Framing Starts 5-24
May 24
The crew takes a lunch break during the framing of the future Pantry warehouse.
2022 Warehouse Floor 5-14
May 14
Tom Rizzo and Joe Drew of Green Light Construction check out the floor for the new warehouse which was poured recently.
april 2022 beamsm
April 19, 2022
Beam being installed
2022 Insulation 4-8
April 9, 2022
Foundation is waterproofed and insulated.
2021 New Home – Concrete pour 2 – 12-21
December 21, 2021
Foundation is finally poured for the warehouse
2021 New Home – Foundattion 12-7-21

December 6, 2021
Forms are installed to prepare for the concrete pouring.

2021 New Home – Foundation cement starts 12-1

December 1, 2021
The foundation takes shape as gravel levels ground.

Foundation Hole - Nov 21

November 23, 2021
The foundation is dug for the new warehouse, with a deeper hole to accommodate the two-way elevator needed to transport groceries throughout the building.

Garage Demo Nov 21

November 13, 2021
The garage was demolished to make room for the new two-story warehouse.

Plaque IMG-0368

The words Cead Mile Failte, loosely translated in Gaelic to “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes,” are imprinted on a vintage plaque of unknown origin currently on the front door and will be relocated inside the building when the Pantry officially moves. Additional historical elements may be maintained and will be determined as construction progresses.

Ground Breaking - May 12, 2021

May 2021
The ceremonial groundbreaking took place and included dignitaries from the Village of Glen Ellyn, Grace and Faith Lutheran Churches, Green Light Construction and the Pantry.